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  • Eye opening, and helped me to relax.

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  • I was extremely impressed.

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  • This is the best reading I've ever gotten.

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  • She has a gift of seeing.

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  • I am dumbfounded by how accurate the reading was, and how helpful her advice has been.

    — Jenny

Saturn moves into Sagittarius

January 26, 2017 is a very big day in Vedic Astrology, because Saturn moves into Sagittarius after spending 2.5 years in Scorpio. This is a big deal because Saturn is the slowest moving planet and only changes signs every 3 years.

How Your Destiny Can Set You Free

Only by knowing our destiny can we begin to have true free will.

Why are astrological forecasts so intense?

There are two main reasons why transits/forecasts almost always sound ominous.