Testimonials & Praise for Visionary Vedic Astrology Readings


“I felt stuck and unsure about my next direction. By the time we hung up, I felt like I had a clear, tangible action plan.”
Working with Tara has been absolutely spectacular. She’s a very accurate astrologer — to the degree that her readings have put into words things I’ve felt all my life but had no idea how to articulate.  When I talked with her last, I was in a place where I felt stuck and unsure about my next direction. By the time we hung up, I felt like I had a clear, tangible action plan — which is very important to me. Tara values practicality as much as I do, so she gives specific, tangible steps that help a lot. She’s also a phenomenal coach. Not only can she tell you about yourself, but she can use information about your character to help you take your next steps. The help is actually useful too, as it’s tailored to YOU. I think Tara is wonderful to work with and would solidly recommend her.
Rachel Rofé, Entrepreneur, RachelRofe.com
“It was truly life-altering for me and for the first time, I feel at peace and filled with a clear sense of purpose.”
My reading with Tara was a beautiful experience – she was personable, patient and extremely thorough. I was able to find not only clarity, peace of mind and validation, but motivation and inspiration. Because of Tara’s gift, I have a newfound purpose and the understanding of what my path is in this world- I highly recommend Tara for any individual who wishes to understand themselves and their place in life and cannot thank her enough! It was truly life-altering for me and for the first time, I feel at peace and filled with a clear sense of purpose.
Tael, Musician
“I have left each reading feeling so much better and on purpose…”
I have had several readings now with Tara. When I first came to her I was going through a rough few years and was looking for some guidance. It was so reassuring to me to hear that everything was happening exactly as my chart read, down to the month. Although I wasn’t out of the woods of a difficult period, her guidance that it would last another two years was exactly on the mark. At the end of the two years, everything improved and my work even headed in the direction she had initially seen in my chart. It was such a help in that dark period to know that it was all happening exactly perfectly. I continue to seek her guidance occasionally to see what’s happening in my chart. Tara is always detailed and wise in her readings. What I most appreciate about her is that no matter what she sees, seemingly positive or negative aspects, are relayed in a pragmatic manner, with the knowing that its all happening exactly as it should. I have left each reading feeling so much better and on purpose with that gentle reminder.
Mia Cara, Holistic Wellness Coach, Mia Cara Wellness


“My life is shifting in a positive and transformational way since I felt connected to start working with her.”

Tara is ABSOLUTELY fantastic!!! It sounds a bit corny, but it’s honestly no joke- my life is shifting in a positive and transformational way since I felt connected to start working with her. She is so loving and nurturing and presents information to you in a playful, logical, and intuitive way such that you feel gently guided to understand the components of your chart and not feel overwhelmed by karmic aspects in any way. She is also really well rounded and has provided me book recommendations and personality specific guidance that are beginning to shift my health, wellness, relationships, and relationship with myself and my own journey in more positive and far reaching ways than I could have possibly imagined from connecting with an astrologer! She is truly unique and inspirational, and I would not recommend anyone else. I am excited to be starting a cycle of regular sessions with Tara in order to deepen and expand all this juicy amazingness even further.

Julie Ann Fae, Spirituality Coach


“OMG! You called it a year ago!”

The trouble you forecasted in November 2014 was PRECISELY right! The divorce should be final in…. JANUARY!! OMG! You called it a year ago!

In addition, you helped me to be very clear about my ‘Purpose’ line with my kids and what ultimately I was Willing to say Yes to and what I was Unwilling to say yes to! I am forever grateful to you!

Gary Markoff


I’m amazed and delighted!” 
I want to thank you again for my powerful and informative session with you yesterday! You were so on target on so many levels, and I still cannot get over how you zeroed in to exactly the right place for me – that is where I want I live more than anywhere! I’m amazed and delighted! The whole session was very affirming and so honoring of my life and my journey and I’m grateful to have such a bright future ahead. My heart is full of gratitude! 
Emily B
“Began a healing process around my purpose and sense of belonging.”


I am so grateful for the time I shared with Tara. The knowledge she shared with me about the greater influences in my life helped me to relax into a greater vision of my path. She touched upon aspects of my personality and tendencies that were nearly completely hidden to me and yet have been deeply affecting my choices, relationships, and perspectives in life. Not only was she able to help me understand myself more clearly through the lens of Vedic Astrology, she also spent time listening deeply to my heart in a way that began a healing process around my purpose and sense of belonging. I would recommend Tara to anyone seeking clarity in their life, whether having to do with a specific facet or greater stars-eye-view of their complete lifetime.
Ryan Robert Heart, RyanRobertHeart.com
.“The reading was like a deep massage for my spirit and came at a perfect time.”

I was so excited to have the opportunity to do a Vedic astrology reading with Tara. During a phase when I’ve been dealing with major challenges  (death, serious illness) with the people around me, Tara encouraged me to take the longer view. She reminded me that the context was that this was still a time of thriving, growth, opportunity, and service. I was not, in fact, in a vortex of misfortune, but rather strongly standing in a time of fast moving energy and change. The reading was like a deep massage for my spirit and came at a perfect time. I loved that there were no false promises of exaltation, but a very helpful and resonant view of my overall life trajectory. Tara is smart, funny, knowledgeable, and totally down-to-earth. She’s great!

Alison Weeks

“I feel incredibly inspired and energized.”

I just wanted to say how much I loved your reading – you are very wise, kind, and helpful. I feel incredibly inspired and energized.

Elle Vivea

“The reading gave me guidance in my life right now and inspired me.”

My reading with Tara was wonderful! Everything she said resonated with me deeply.  The reading gave me guidance in my life right now and inspired me.  The experience was a wonderful gift to myself and I highly recommend you to be generous with yourself and give yourself the gift of a reading with Tara.

Rachel Shapiro

“…very impactful and supportive… a confidence booster…”

The reading you gave was very impactful and supportive as an affirmation of what I intuitively know, a confidence booster for areas where I’m unsure, and a lens through which to discern and understand the patterns of my life.  Thank you!

Caitlin Sislin, Founder of the Women’s Earth Alliance Advocacy Network, Consultant


“Incredibly helpful.”

Tara’s reading was incredibly helpful. So often we have so many directions we can take and questions that come up as we are making our choices. This reading helped clarify some aspects of my personality and my path in a way that brought me some answers and some peace. Vedic astrology is so much more comprehensive than typical astrology readings – it feels like you can actually get an accurate picture for yourself in a way that more generalized readings can’t give you. Plus Tara is thorough in her knowledge and cuts right to the heart of what she thinks is going to be the most important things for you to know from your chart. She translates what she sees in a way that is understandable and digestible. I highly recommend you give yourself the gift of this experience with Tara!

Alia Hall, DJ/Producer and CEO of Femvolution.com 


“…had me leave with a greater sense of clarity and excitement about what may come in the future.”

I was extremely impressed with the reading that Tara did for me. Her insights put so much of the events of the past 20 years of life into context, and had me leave with a greater sense of clarity and excitement about what may come in the future. I’d highly recommend working with her.

David Hassell, CEO, 15Five


“…inspired me anew to follow my dream and become the person I’ve always wanted to be.”

In my reading with her, Tara spoke words that resonated deeply. There were things I always knew, echoes reverberating inside. She confirmed them. She clarified my purpose. It brought the realities of my journey into a clear conceptual framework that makes sense. Her reading inspired me anew to follow my dream and become the person I’ve always wanted to be.

Alexander Dunlop, Founder of The Center of Spiritual Nutrition


“…astounding helpful…to understand me as a unique individual in the context of my life.”

Tara is an extraordinary human being and guide to helping people understand their unique gifts, challenges, and direction in life. She has a unique combination of intellect, wisdom and intuition—drawing upon personal experience, a successful corporate career, and a diverse exploration of personal development, she is both practically grounded and connected to something much greater than herself.  My session with her was astounding helpful in her capacity to understand me as a unique individual in the context of my life—past, present, and possible futures.  Quelling doubts, naming strengths, revealing character tendencies, exploring blind spots, identifying areas of focus; a session with Tara puts the ‘personal’ in personal development, helping to you to uniquely understand yourself and the life you live.

 Johnny Blackburn, Integral Coach


“…the best reading I’ve ever gotten…”

I’ve had my chart read at least 10 times and this is the best reading I’ve ever gotten, because it was the most truthful and came the closest to describing my life. Bless you.

Morgana Young


“I was elated with what came through… due to the profound insight it gave me…”

I was elated with what came through via my Vedic astrology reading due to the profound insight it gave me in relation to my soul & its path, whereas I felt such information was lacking in the many Western astrology readings I have had over the years. I appreciated not only Tara’s beautiful way of unfolding my chart & sharing the various aspects, yet the practical parts of the information she provided me (from relationships to health to why I act & react in certain ways) have proven to be very valuable. Tara has a brilliant gift & I thank her for sharing it, as it sheds light on the parts of us that behoove us most – where we come from, who we are at present, where we are going & what opportunities lay before us.

Devona Renée, Executive Assistant


“Awesomely insightful and provided real answers… There is nothing more reassuring and empowering than receiving ‘divine confirmation’.”

My reading with Tara was awesomely insightful and provided real answers to questions I’d been stirring around in my mind and heart for quite some time. It provided real clarity for me about why, seemingly “all of a sudden” surprising new areas of interest and passion and focus have been showing up for me and why other areas of life that used to really “light me up” no longer do.  It is such a relief to know that my own intuitions and “downloads” from The Universe are SPOT ON and the BIG LIFE and CAREER changes I’ve been feeling pulled towards, are perfectly ON TIME.  There is nothing more reassuring and empowering than receiving “divine confirmation” that the epic-nudge I’d been experiencing is completely aligned with the path that was written for me in the stars.

Renita Gale Swaekauski, Owner of Renita Casting


“…certainly brought me clarity and peace.”

This was my first reading so I had little sense of what to expect. Overall I found it to be surprisingly straight forward and matter-of-fact, as well as very intriguing and fun! Tara brought true passion and depth of knowledge to my reading. My first sensation was feeling very comfortable. Tara is so genuine and sweet and this made me feel quite at ease and receptive to her communication of my chart. We went over some surprisingly specific and poignant subjects. These have been things I’ve been reflecting on and integrating into my life since then and it’s certainly brought me clarity and peace. It was a great experience and valuable aid for building awareness about myself!

Mike DeStefano, CMT 

“My reading was exceptionally valuable…”

Tara provided my first visionary reading last month. She offered in depth explanations of the more technical aspects of my chart. She then eloquently went through my past, and I was captivated by the accuracy of her assessment of my strengths and weaknesses.  My reading was exceptionally valuable due to Tara’s genuine interest in my success and the practical guidance that she provided to help me attain career, health, and relationship goals.

Dave Mizne,  Marketing Associate, Online Dating

I was very happy with the results…”

This was my first Vedic Astrology reading but not my first astrology reading. I was very happy with the results, and I am clear that the Vedic approach is more effective at providing guidance to very practical issues than the western readings. It was as if Tara had a crystal ball! I would ask her a question, like, what should be the topic of my next book, she would look at my chart and pull out very relevant suggestions! It was like this over and over. If you want a slightly different, more insightful answer to personal questions of importance, than get a reading from Tara.

Michael Costuros, Entrepreneurial Coach 


“It was extremely valuable, and I will definitely do it again.”

Tara has an incredible gift! Not only did she read my chart with great skill and give me valuable insights, but she was also able to show me the areas of my life that I could work on and how to go about doing that. It was extremely valuable, and I will definitely do it again.

Jim Donovan, Leadership Coach


“…put your finger on exactly what your next step should be to move forward…”

Tara is a gentle powerhouse in the world of transformation.  Her depth and breadth of knowledge is mind boggling.  What makes her unique is her ability to put your finger on exactly what your next step should be to move forward with velocity.

Raj Sundra, Founder, Transformance Business Consulting


“…eye opening…”

The reading Tara did for me was eye opening and helped me to relax about what was happening in my life and to get ready for what was to come. She was accurate, insightful and artful with her delivery.

Gabrielle Sundra, Transformance Business Consulting


“I feel enlightened and empowered that I’m on the right path.”

Justine Livewell, Flight Attendant


“Her words have stayed close with me…”

Tara has a gift of seeing.  If she hadn’t told me that my health should be my main focus  for about 6 months, and that within that time I could heal myself, I would have far less peace. Her words have stayed close with me through this process and I am ever so grateful.

Jenny Pendergast, Non-Profit Administration


“I was repeating the same mistakes over and over without understanding why.”

Tara brought clarity to many blocks that I was having in my life that I was unable to understand. I was repeating the same mistakes over and over without understanding why. Thanks to her I opened up myself to new possibilities.

Beril Ancel, Organic Food Service

“You gave me a huge gift!”

I’ve become more comfortable (instead of judgmental) of where I am, and feel stronger in general and more in my power.  I feel more grounded and confident about myself and around the next steps that I am taking. You gave me a huge gift!

Michelle Pozgaj,  Owner,  Pink Accounting


“…allowed me to take in challenges… as opportunities to move forward with positivity…”

You have an ease, softness and ability to connect in an engaging way which allowed me to take in challenges I face astrologically as opportunities to move forward with positivity in my life.

Coleen Markey, Life Coach

“I’m feeling the Grace and ability to handle it all….with excitement!”

Tara’s readings are an invaluable tool in understanding what we come from and what opportunities we have in front of us. Clear, kind and deeply knowledgeable, Tara helped me to gain some perspective on patterns in my life that allowed me to see choice rather than obligation.

Annie Willis, Lawyer


“Tara is someone I trust and look to for inspiration, guidance and a deeper understanding of my past, present and future.”

Tara is someone I trust and look to for inspiration, guidance and a deeper understanding of my past, present and future. Her readings and support have been very helpful to me in many ways. She is readily available after your readings for support, to answer questions or to review your reading. I highly recommend Tara and look forward to my future readings with her.

Brooke Barradale, Founder, Health Startup

“I feel empowered and liberated.”

Tara was able to look at my chart from various perspectives. In the past I have felt trapped by “fate” and conclusion after a reading. With Tara, I feel empowered and liberated. Her reading, for me and my partner have also been very accurate, including her time frames. She examined a window of time that might bring personal challenges, but also yield financial opportunity. Within that period I suffered the loss of a loved one. The time period also brought a situation that rendered financial relief. She saw the potential for children with the man I had begun dating; we now have a vibrant and thriving baby boy. Tara reflects without judgement, and held me with loving compassion. Tara and her magnificent readings are a unique gift you deserve to give yourself.

Sharon Bailey, Massage Therapist

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