Big Life Changes – Saturn in Scorpio

saturnToday (November 2, 2014) is a very big day in Vedic Astrology…

Saturn moved into Scorpio today. After a 2.5 year reign in Libra, Saturn will bring new changes to us all for the next 2.5 years.

Many of us will be breathing a huge sigh of relief as seemingly endless challenges are finally resolved!

And we may also be surprised by big shifts that we weren’t expecting.

In Vedic Astrology, Saturn is known as the King of Dharma and he represents reality, as in impermanence. Wherever he goes you can bet your life there will be significant transitions.

Ultimately these shifts are in service of clearing away what is no longer meant for us so that new blossoms can flower, but they are very often our biggest challenges until we learn to “roll” with them.

Our maturing relationship to these challenges / changes / reality is our truest evolution. Our capacity to flow and bend with whatever Saturn brings is the very core of our spiritual growth.

I find myself infinitely grateful for the lens of Vedic Astrology because it helps us understand what’s happening in our lives as we track the movements of Saturn, among other things. This allows us to see changes for what they truly are so that we can make the best of them instead of experiencing the profound pain of resistance.

Today I celebrate the end of one era and the beginning of another (for the next 2.5 years). May we all surrender with complete grace and ease to whatever Saturn brings and transform what’s misaligned into that which is Divinely Aligned!

What Saturn Retrograde 2015 Means For You

saturnAre you feeling the intense planetary energy this week? I definitely am. Not only is there a Solar eclipse tomorrow, kicking off a “things are not what they seem” 2-week window between now and April 4th’s Lunar eclipse, but Saturn turned around and went Retrograde on March 14, slowing down to a screeching halt in the process. What does this mean for you?

The changes that started unfolding with Saturn’s movement into Scorpio could pause and head in a different direction than you expected, and you may find yourself revisiting themes from the past over the next few months, going back to cover them one more time.

Was there something you were meant to let go of when Saturn changed signs? You’ll have ample opportunities to do it now (or you might find you have no choice if you’re hanging on for dear life…) Were you counting on something in particular moving forward? Plan on looking deep within for new answers on how to proceed.

Want to know what area of your life this affects? It depends on what house Scorpio is occupying in your birth chart.

For example, Taurus Ascendants may be having an interesting time with relationships, Leos could be dealing with housing, Scorpios with their personal identity, Aquarians with career and purpose…

It also matters where Saturn is located in your birth chart and how it’s affected by the other planets. (Want to know what’s going on with your Saturn?)

Transition points can often be the hardest, so hang on – once Saturn picks up speed, things may start feeling more grounded. Of course, that is, until Jupiter stops and goes direct on April 8…

Rahu and Ketu move into Virgo / Pisces

On Saturday, July 12, 2014, Rahu and Ketu (the North and the South Node) will move from Libra/Aries into Virgo/Pisces. The nodes always travel together in opposite signs, moving backwards through the zodiac, traversing one sign every 1.5 years.

When planets (or in this case, shadow planets) stay in a sign for a long period of time, you will notice changes when they move.

If you are deeply affected by Rahu or Ketu, you will really feel it.

If you…
– Have them in your Ascendent sign natally
– Have them in Libra/Aries or Virgo/Pisces natally
– Are running a period of Rahu or Ketu
– Both
– Bonus points if you have a Kala Sarpa Yoga

Then for you, especially, this marks the end of one 18 month chapter and the start of a new one.

And if you don’t have this configuration, someone around you probably does…

In a sandhi period, when a planet is barely out of one sign and barely into another, it’s hard to know how things are going to shake out. If you know you are very influenced by Rahu and Ketu, you might want to postpone any major decisions until the end of the month, when you’ll have a better idea of how this shift is affecting your life.

Next up, Saturn moves in November, an event that only happens around once every 3 years…

How To Free Up More Energy with Vedic Astrology


Have you ever considered that there is an area of your life where you invest way more energy than you think you do?

Everyone has at least one thing they give a lot of their time and money to without realizing it. No matter how hard they try, they never feel like they’ve reached their goal. It’s very frustrating, and is a huge blind spot for them.

If you discover yours, you can begin to choose how you spend your energy, and direct it toward the things you really care about.

This can make a huge difference in your life.

For example, someone who has a blind spot around personal development may feel it’s necessary to spend money on every single program out there to continually ‘better themselves.’

Once they realize this is just a pattern, and that they will never feel ‘fixed,’ they can get real about their priorities, and consider whether they’d rather spend the money and time on something else… like a vacation, massages, charitable donations – whatever is most in alignment for them. (Or a Vedic Astrology reading where they can learn which programs will actually help them, and how!)

But how can we know all this by looking at a horoscope? It has to do with the location of Rahu, the North node, in the chart.

You may be wondering to yourself, “What is Rahu?” I’ll share a quick story.

RahuKetu was a serpent-demon who heard that the Gods and Goddesses were throwing a party to celebrate their discovery of Amrita, the nectar of eternal life… and he wasn’t invited.

Not to be denied what he wanted, he schemed, strategized and cunningly disguised himself as a God, enabling him to make it into the party unnoticed. He knew he didn’t belong there, but everyone else thought he was one of them.

He finally made it up to the table where they were serving the Amrita, and as he was about to take a sip, the Goddess Moon noticed that something seemed off about him. She tapped the God Sun on the shoulder, pointed at RahuKetu and said, “He is a foreigner – a demon!” The God Sun was quick to react, flinging his discus at RahuKetu.

At the very instant the sacred liquid hit RahuKetu’s lips, he was hit by the discus and sliced in half for all of eternity. (Isn’t Vedic Astrology so sweet? 🙂 )

The top half of the serpent demon, Rahu, always wants more from the material world, as he can never feel satisfied with no bottom. (The bottom half, Ketu, can’t contain very much, since it has nowhere to go).

Wherever Rahu sits in a chart indicates a place where you always feel like you ‘want more’. Combined with other factors in the chart, this can be one of the most enlightening parts of a reading.

Interested in learning how to free up more energy in your life so you can focus on what really matters to you? Schedule a reading for yourself, and we’ll identify the key things you can start doing right now to shift the pattern and start living the life you truly want.

Truth, Lies, and Vedic Astrology

vedic astrology lotus

Want to know why I left my cushy, successful career as a record label exec to give Vedic Astrology readings for a living?

The answer has to do with a big lie I discovered, one that we’ve all been told over and over again about what’s possible for our lives…

Read all about it here in my latest article for elephant journal.