Discover Your Divine Plan

5 Steps To Discover Your Divine Plan
When You’re Caught In The Web Of Doubt

spiderwebAre you caught in the Spiderweb of Doubt, where you know, deep down, that you are destined for something greater, but you don’t know exactly what that is?

Or maybe you do have a sense of what you’re really here for, but you can’t seem to get started because your assignment feels huge and overwhelming.

It’s not just you. Even the most successful, smart people get caught in the web of doubt sometimes and need help breaking free.


Symptoms may include…

➔ Your mind is spinning endlessly with questions but it seems like there
are no satisfying answers, no matter how many people you ask for help.

➔ When you do get some miraculous clarity, you change your mind the next day.

➔ You feel paralyzed and you can’t seem to make an important decision about a key area of your life, like your career, romantic relationship, or home.

➔ You feel a constant, low-level anxiety lurking beneath every thought

➔ It feels like your intuition has left the building (or is at least taking an
extended snooze).


If any of these describe your current state, I want to share 5 simple things you can do right now to break free of the web and fly free, full of confidence and joy.



In this free guide, you’ll discover…

  • How to trust yourself and make big decisions you’ll never regret, even if you’ve been agonizing over them for a really long time.
  • How to use your fear, frustration and sadness as the keys that unlock the next steps of your true purpose.
  • How to finally end the cycle of crushing doubt that prevents you from taking action on your clearest insights and realizations.


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Tara Divina
I’m Tara Divina and I help you get instant answers to your biggest questions so you can go from feeling trapped in the Spiderweb of Doubt to soaring free, full of clarity, confidence, and joy.

I use Vedic Astrology (Jyotish), an ancient, sacred art of self understanding and divination, to reflect your truth back to you and get you the answers and peace you’ve been longing for.