In addition to being a Vedic Astrologer, I’m also a singer-songwriter of angelic, shamanic, healing, mystical music with a World flavor.

Tara Divina

After spending over a decade as a successful record label executive, I decided to leave the corporate world to pursue my own artistic calling, and rediscovered my creative gifts.

As I began to share my singing voice, many people reported having profound spiritual openings while in the presence of my music.

Five years later, I released my fully-crowdfunded debut album, True Beauty. The album is a collection of ten songs designed to take you on a ceremonial journey into the heart of your Soul’s deepest truth.

My prayer is for everyone to experience the profound medicinal power of conscious music.

True Beauty – The Album

When divine beauty meets deep pain, the result is profound healing. Like Yin and Yang, these apparent opposites are meant for each other. Beauty is powerful medicine, and music is a perfect medium for beauty. Our tears want to fall to the beat of a drum. Our heart wants to ache to a breathtaking song. Our prayers long to be carried on the wings of our voices, to the infinite space where they are all heard and answered.

True Beauty is my musical prayer for Grace, the courage to follow our hearts beyond reason into the mystery, and to find authentic joy and aliveness in the process. Each song is designed to embed itself into your subconscious, effortlessly reprogramming your thoughts and impulses with a more empowering message, and tuning them to a resonant frequency.

The songs are not designed for entertainment – some of them are quite long and they repeat themselves. This is intentional! I recommend listening to the album from start to finish in a ritual setting, perhaps with a candle or with your eyes closed, or on a long drive, on headphones during a flight… any situation where you can drop in deeply with yourself.

Also available on all major digital music outlets like Spotify, iTunes, Amazon…

This music is powerful medicine that has helped me catalyze my healing, shift my reality and lift my spirit. All of it was channelled from the wiser part of me (and beyond!) as a response to my deepest prayer in the moment.

Since all of our prayers are closely related, a lot people have found that the messages in these songs are perfect for them. But now I want to focus more specifically on you. What is your biggest prayer? What would you most like to heal? How would you like to re-program your reality?

It would be my honor to take you on an incredible journey to commune with your Soul and clarify the answers to these questions. We’ll dive deep into the essence of who you are using your Vedic Astrology chart (and other magical tools) to uncover the medicine you’re needing most right now.

With this wisdom, I’ll create a high quality, professionally recorded and produced song that will mirror your beautiful brilliance back to you and call you into the best version of yourself. It will be your unique theme song.

As you’re listening to this album, I invite you to imagine what it would be like to have one of these songs dedicated to your personal evolution, or to the union of you and your Beloved – the one you’re with now, or the one you’d like to call in…

If you feel a “yes” in your heart, I invite you to schedule a complimentary call with me where we’ll get clear on your vision and explore whether the stars are aligned for us to collaborate creatively in this way:

This song was written to celebrate the wedding of Chloe and Maurice, and invokes their deepest prayers and intentions for their marriage. Chloe surprised Maurice with this song for their first wedding dance.

This song was written to celebrate the birth of Diana, beloved daughter of Pavel and Iryna, and to catalyze Iryna’s prayers for her ultimate transformation into motherhood. Pavel gifted this song to Iryna for Mother’s day.

Live Prayer-formances

Interested in having me offer live music at your wedding, ceremony, gathering or event? Enter your request below and I’ll be in touch soon!

Praise for the Music

“Tara has one of the most beautiful voices I’ve ever heard. I hope this album is the first of many.”Lucian

“Wow is it good… I can’t recommend this album enough. It’s incredible.”Shane

“Pure magic.”Dani

“Your voice is magic.”Dylan

“Beautiful, rich, authentically artistic and magical.”David

“Hauntingly beautiful music for your heart, spirit and ears.”Maya

“Gives me chills. Brings me back to deep, tender, nurtured times.”Rob

“I am so mesmerized by these gorgeous transmissions and exquisite arrangements.”Joanna

“What a gorgeous voice and pure talent!”Detti

“Full of light and true beauty. Your album is wildly beautiful.”Annie

“The album is on constant repeat in our house. We love it and just can’t get enough”Lea

“Beautiful, touching, and powerful sonic alchemy.”Keith

“I cannot express how much I love this new song! It is going to become my daily prayer! You are such a talent and your lyrics literally penetrate my heart.”Vyana

“Your songs are my medicine! I want start my days listening to your angelic voice singing to my heart & soul! “True Beauty”, indeed and I CAN’T get enough of the new album. “Music is the mediator between the life of the senses and the life of the spirit.” – Beethoven. Tara’s music is what love sounds like. Her angelic voice and healing lyrics are medicine for my heart and soul. If your heart is yearning for for songs with the vibration of love and healing, I highly recommend purchasing her album for your heart and to support her art in the world. Thank you Tara for sharing your sweet songs with the world and shining your rainbow light through your potent channel.”– Dana

“Her epically beautiful album is replete with resonant radiance to heal and inspire you through & through!! “I See Your Wings” is a personal fave of the moment, though every track is truly a gem! Check in out loves – it’s highly recommended!”Ali M

“Tara Divina has just released the most stunningly gorgeous and healing album. Tara, her music and her loving presence have been potent medicine for me in the past year. Hearing her voice during deep meditation literally helped me unlock my own voice and the musical medicine within me.”Pia

“Your music makes my heart sing. I cannot stop listening to this album…. So hard to pick a favorite song from it! Broken Open, Surrender, Divine Light … just a few of my faves. I really love them all.”Ali S

“Your voice and music are so exquisitely beautiful. I am moved from the depth of my being as I listen. Your words and voice crack me open in/to the deepest parts of my being and create so much love, bliss, healing, transformation and expansion. Thank you for your art, creativity and self-expression. Thank you for being one of the inspiring women in our community who are making their vision, contribution and unique gifts into reality. May we all continue to support one another in this way! The whole album is incredible and some of my faves are: Divine Alignment, I see your wings, Rainbow Light, Gateless Gate…”Lori

“Deep gratitude for the wonderful gift of your music, your songs, and your voice… Thank you, and thanks to the Universe for this.”Jess

“I adore your album sooooo much, When I was in Shasta a few weeks ago, I couldn’t stop listening and really get the downloads of awareness and healing coming from the group collective of those who know the songs. Magical, thank you from my deepest heart!!”Dara

“Recently, I haven’t been able to stop singing Be Love and it has literally been my anthem. Your song/prayer has become an integral part of my prayer and what I’m calling in and I want to express my gratitude to you for this. Also, there have been a few moments recently where friends have been going through a really difficult time and I sang your song to them. It was like night and day with their energy shift! Thank you for being the amazing human that you are and all of the light you emanate into this world. So blessed to be walking this path of medicine and service with you!”Max

“Everything reverberates within my physical body and elevates my soul. You are a gift to (and from) the Universe!”Gary

“I was in a deep cocoon for a couple of weeks which included 2 ceremonies, one of which I looped your cd for SEVEN hours straight!!!! And it opened an INEFFABLY exquisite portal into a new place inside of my heart Sanctum*innerverse that was ecstatically healing and heartgasmic. Hhhhhhhhhhyahhhh I am Still feeling it!!”Prema