Tonight, if you gaze at the full moon, you will see it against the backdrop of the stars that form the constellation Pisces.

The Sidereal zodiac, used by most Vedic Astrologers, reflects what’s in the sky now. Ancient Vedic seers and sages understood the wobble of the earth’s rotation and adjusted the zodiac mathematically for the precession of the Equinox, so that it always aligns with what we see.

The Tropical zodiac, used by most Western Astrologers, preserves the placement of the constellations from 2000+ years ago, ensuring that it always aligns with the solstices and equinoxes. However, it does not reflect what’s in the sky anymore due to the shifts that have naturally taken place.

Therefore, the Tropical zodiac is about 23 degrees ahead of the Sidereal zodiac and most planets wind up a full sign/constellation ahead (a sign is 30 degrees wide).

This means the Moon is in Pisces visually and Aries symbolically. Both systems have their own merits but I prefer the results of the Sidereal system and enjoy seeing it in real time as I stargaze.

Happy full moon!!!