Seriously, who pays for this stuff? Isn’t it just a bunch of woo-woo nonsense?

I’ve always wanted everyone to know the truth… about everything.

It’s what had my 5-year old self tell my best friend that Santa Claus wasn’t real, right after I found out from my parents. (So sorry, Emily!)

It’s what has me constantly reviewing books on Amazon, hotels on TripAdvisor and local services on Yelp.

It’s why I’ve never been shy about asking for a raise, telling someone what’s bothering me or steering someone away from a choice that seems wrong for them.

Every time I do a reading for someone, they learn something about themselves that they never knew, on one level, but always knew, on another level. And it’s what inspired me to study the ancient, sacred art and science of Vedic Astrology. I love showing people the truth of their lives.

Most of the readings I do are for people who have never had any interest in astrology, who heard from someone else that the reading gave them peace and clarity by bringing into focus a blurry aspect of their lives.

Once they tended to this piece of themselves, they freed up all sorts of energy that was unconsciously being sent in that direction.

For example, I’ve had many clients who have a blind spot around their eating habits.

They alternate between being completely fanatical about their diet, going on long, challenging cleanses, and then swinging right back to the kind of overindulgent munching that would make Homer Simpson blush.  (Sound like anyone you know?)

Some part of them realizes that they are doing this, but since it’s part of their shadow, they don’t really see the pattern.

Once the reading sheds light on it, they are able to make more sustainable choices around their diet, choosing easier projects, like eating more greens, and giving up tougher ones, like eating Paleo for the rest of their lives.

This is just one example, of course. Readings touch upon deep patterns in living habits, relationships, career moves, health issues and much more. Sometimes the patterns can be very positive, but need conscious awareness in order to do the person any good.

I once did a reading for someone who thought he was unmotivated and lazy because all he wanted to do was sit around and watch movies. It turned out this was just covering up a desire and destiny to work in the entertainment industry, and he’s now happily pursuing that line of work.

What truth might be hiding in your consciousness, waving desperately to get your attention so you can take your life to the next level? If you’re interested in learning more about how a Vedic Astrology reading could radically shift your life, you can find out more here.

Don’t be shy – there’s nothing I love to do more than shed light on people’s lives and it would be an honor to do a reading for you.